Thank you for 15 wonderful years of passionate page turning
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Kootenay Book Weekend organisers have decided after 15 wonderful years of passionate page-turning, it is time to close the book on this much-loved annual event.


Inspired by the Banff Book Discussion Weekend, Victoria Vaseleniuck and Martha Scott first conceived the idea in 2004 of bringing avid readers together in Nelson for this annual event. They were quickly joined by two other enthusiastic book aficionados: Carol Allan and Sara Judith, and thus the Kootenay Book Weekend was born. Other wonderful volunteers have also put their stamp on the book weekend over the years. No one could forget Dianne Harkie’s whole-hearted embrace of being the annual auctioneer at our social evenings! The number of participants grew along with the event’s reputation.


Book-lovers came from all over the region and beyond, brought together by their passion for the written word and a love of “digging deep” into a good book. Over the years an amazing line-up of authors also took part, from Joy Kogawa, Gail Anderson-Dargatz, Deryn Collier and Anita Rau Badami to Caroline Adderson, who was both our first and last guest author.


Perhaps the most importantly, 'chapters' of the Kootenay Book Weekend’s 'Book of Life' were the participants themselves, who brought their love of reading to every event, sparking thought-provoking discussions and debate on every book.


To all of you, we offer our deepest gratitude for making it all worthwhile. And to all of the wonderful businesses who supported the Kootenay Book Weekend, we offer our thanks as well.


As with all really good books, the Kootenay Book Weekend has been well-read and well-loved, and is now ready to be closed.


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